10.11.2021 l Nexum - ExistenZ EP coming soon!

Coming out December.3  on our Bandcamp & Youtube. Listen samples on Soundcloud.

Nexum - ExistenZ EP

  • 01. ExistenZ
  • 02. Eternal
  • 03. End Of Time
Nexum aka Lukas Treml started experimenting with creating his own space music since 2008, mostly for his pleasure.
As time goes on he improved skills and gradually released tracks on various compilations.
Now is the time for his own EP.

21.6.2019 l Zen Core - GOTY EP out now!

Eleventh release is out!

Zen Core - GOTY EP out now on our BandcampYoutube ;)

Thank you for your support!


  01 - GOTY (145 BPM)
  02 - Glitchill (86 BPM)

3.6.2019 l Zen Core - GOTY EP coming soon!

New EP contains 2 track by slovakia producer Zen Core coming out 21.june on our Bandcamp! Stay tuned!

25.11.2018 l VA - Local Travelling vol.2 out now on Ektoplazm!

VA - Local Travelling coming out today on Ektoplazm. Grab your copy now :D Thanks for support!


25.5.2018 l VA - Local Travelling vol.2 out today!

We released on Bandcamp tenth release of our label a compilation Local Travelling vol.2 .

Dnes vyšla kompilace Local Travelling na serveru Ektoplazm. Díky za podporu!

On compilation you will find 9 tracks from Czech, Slovak and German producers in styles morning, dark and one psybreak track.

Mastered by Michal Schwa in ORM Studio Prague.

Thanks for your support!

8.5.2018 l VA - Local Travelling vol.2 releases soon!

On May.25 we releases on our Bandcamp a new compilation called "Local Traveling vol.2". Compiled by Newteck.

Open up your internal teleporting device and let us configure your way from us. The compilation will have 9 stops. While on the road, you look to destinations Morning, Full On, Dark and PsyBreak.


  • Nexum - Time and Eternity (136 BPM)
  • Sons Of Sol - Sunrise (145 BPM)
  • BreKeke - Free Monday (146 BPM)
  • Zen Core - Nordart (145 BPM)
  • PsyTatyx - Antara (145 BPM)
  • Newteck - Midas (148 BPM)
  • NEBULOsity - Rule Of The Dark (150 BPM)
  • Psycroft - Mutant Night (148 BPM)
  • Raaya feat. Luna - The Right Way (140 BPM)

4.11.2017 l Ninth release coming!

November.11 will be released new EP "Life In The Universe" from Czech producer with Slovak roots Psycroft. EP contains 4 tracks at 145-152 bpm. Samples are on Soundcloud. Release comes out exclusive on our Bandcamp.

7.5.2017 l BreKeke - Similarities is now free on Ektoplazm!

Today Ektoplazm.com has released the second album of BreKeke. The album is free to download, so do not wait and download here :D

2.12.2016 l BreKeke - Similarities out now on Bandcamp!

Luk-Si Records presents their eighth release, Similarities, the second album from talented Czech producer BreKeke. Out now on our Bandcamp. Thanks for support!

22.11.2016 l Eighth release comes out December.2 !

December.2 will be released new album "Similarities" from Czech producer Brekeke. Album contains 8 tracks and you can already now play the samples on our Soundcloud. Release comes out exclusive on our Bandcamp.

29.7.2016 l Seventh release out now!

Seventh release is out. Is it compilation "Abyssus Habitus". Free download at Ektoplazm. Enjoy :)

13.7.2016 l Seventh release this month on Ektoplazm!

Boo! Already this month we released the long-awaited third compilation on Ektoplazm.

Seventh release of Luk-Si Records is a compilation called "Abyssus Habitus", have 8 tracks and compiled by dj Newteck. Samples already on Soundcloud. Up to heaven ;)

22.6.2016 l Sixth release out now on Ektoplazm!

Sixth release is out! Is it debut album Surface Of The Sun from Slovakia ambient producer Noxious (alterego of NEBULOsity). The main characteristic of his sound is strong melodies in conjunction with light arrangements. Album have 11 ambient & downtempo tracks. Now on Ektoplazm :)

1.6.2016 l Sixth release coming soon!

Sixth release is debut album Surface Of The Sun from Slovakia ambient magician Noxious (alterego of NEBULOsity). Listen samples on Soundcloud. Soon free on Ektoplazm.

 30.4.2015 l Fifth release out now on Ektoplazm!

This is the first album of artist Brekeke.
LP called Bio Noise and from now is up for you on Ektoplazm.
Luk-Si Records thanks for support and wish you a pleasant listening :)

12.4.2015 l Fifth release coming at the end of April.

At the end of April will be based first LP called "Bio Noise" from producer Brekeke. Samples now on Soundcloud :)

10.2.2015 l Compilation Temple Of Existence out now on Ektoplazm!

Today comes the second compilation called "Temple Of Existence".
Compilation includes tracks from the Czech and Slovak spawn. Compiled by dj Newteck. Cover by B#Art. Mastered by Michal Schwa.
Compilation is available for download on the server Ektoplazm.
Pleasant listening.

20.1.2015 l Second compilation as another release coming soon!

Soon comes the second compilation called "Temple of Existence" compiled by DJ Newteck. It will contain 8 tracks and you are already at the end of the week you can enjoy samples. Stay tuned on a good wave :)

31.12.2014 l Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy new year 2015!

29.12.2014 l Today released a new EP

Today in the evening came our third release on the server Ektoplazm. Composed by Raaya and called Magnetic Bots.

EP can listen, download, rating or comment here
: Raaya - Magnetic Bots.

27.11.2014 l Samples from new EP - Magnetic Bots

On Soundcloud you can hear samples from the new EP created by Raaya (Zero Point).

EP comes during December on the server Ektoplazm.com

Thanks for your support and nice listening :)

3.11.2014 l Next release soon

We let it be EP with four tracks and made him a talented producer from Prague (CZ).

One of his songs can be heard on the first compilation Local Travelling.

More info soon.

22.08.2014 | Second release now on Bandcamp

From today's you can download Emanation EP from the project Hermetic on Bandcamp.

16.07.2014 | Second release came out today

Today came the second release on the server Ektoplazm - Hermetic - Emanation. Pleasant listening.

08.07.2014 | The second release soon

Soon comes the second release. This time it will be EP with three tracks from the project Hermetic.

28.03.2014 | First release came out today

Today came the first release on the server Ektoplazm - compilation Local Travelling. Pleasant listening.

16.03.2014 | Website launched

Website started and on the way is the first release - a compilation Local Travelling.